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Need help upgrading DDR2 800 RAM

I currently have this 2X 2GB of this RAM:

Unfortunately it's discontinued but I want to add another 2 or 4 GB of RAM. What would you guys recommend?
I'm currently looking at these options:

2X 1GB]

1X 2GB]

2X 2GB]

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Unless you do video or photo editing as a primary use for that computer you will not benefit from more than 4GB of RAM. Even high end i5 systems only need 4GB except for certain uses. Why do you think you need more RAM? Do you ever use 100%?
  2. That is actually exactly why. I've been using CS4 a lot more and doing more advanced editing on my photos. For the first time I'm using up to 3.8GB where my system starts to significantly slow down. As soon as I close CS4 my usage drops to 1GB.
    I've also just started doing video editing using Sony Vegas and don't want my system to eventually hinder my video editing possibilities.
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    Got ya ;)

    You want to match voltages and cas latency as close as you can. You have some oddball stuff. Normal for DDR2-800 is cas 5-5-5-18 at 1.8v. I have overclocked cas 4-4-4-12 at 2.1v.

    This is an excellent choice and can be overclocked to match what you have. You may have to go up in voltage a bit but it should run at the same cas as what you have.
  4. I was really hoping to spend no more than $40 for this upgrade, leaning more towards adding just 2GB. I though since DDR2 is now "old", I would be able to get it cheaper. Obviously this is not the case.

    This 2X1GB kit by G.Skill looks very popular:

    Do you think it would give me too much trouble on my system? I'm not much of an overclocker.

    Also, I don't mind waiting a few weeks for a sale.
  5. Yeah that will work as well. The Corsair was only $54 after rebate but thats an even better price. The thing is 1.8-2.0v so you will likely have to raise the voltage a bit to get the same cas latency as what you have. GSkill is also excellent RAM just as Corsair is.

    DDR2 reached a "market saturation" point about 2 1/2 years ago. I got the 4GB I have now for $25 after rebate. Now factories are making DDR3 and it is getting really cheap.
  6. Thanks for the help and pointing out that rebate. I'll spend some more time deciding what to get.
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  8. The Corsair gets you 2 x 2GB more for $15 extra. Might be worth it.
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