Won't boot GPU issue :(

This is my first build, but I have done my research. I think I am at the point where it is fair to ask a question. Hopefully I won't just being directed to a sticky. Ok.. Heres the System:

i7 930


Corsair 6GB DDR3

Asus 5850

Antec TP750W

Azio Wireless Card

OCZ Agility 60GB SSD

I put together the essentials and Posted correctly first try Woo! Then I turned off the computer and installed the wireless card. I turned the computer back on and the GPU fan was going full blast and I got a one long two short (monitor or GPU problem). I tried three monitors so I think it is fair to blame the 5850. I removed the Wireless card and tried again. Then I re-instaling the GPU and tried again, moved it to different slot. Nothing :( I reset the computer and cleared the CMOS. All the cables are attached and the card is seated properly. The fact that it worked once makes me hopeful, but maybe its dead.

Is there anything I should do that I have not tried? Or is it dead, in which case it would go back to the egg?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Update: after walking away for several hours I returned and re-installed the video card in the first slot without the wireless card in and again, it posted once. Then every time since long short short :( help please
  2. Once again, after letting it sit for a few hours it posted once. Any ideas, I am getting very frustrated.
  3. Bump... it has now booted numerous times without fail as long as I give it about 45min between boots. Less and it indicates GPU error. On one of the successful boots I even installed windows and a few programs. It was on for over an hour but as soon as I shut it down it would not come back until I had left it alone for a while. please someone...
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