FPS osd for DX11 games?

I am trying to find an osd FPS app like FRAPS or similar to check DX11 frames. I use MSI afterburner, but that only goes to DX10. FRAPS is the same as well as anything else I find. Has anyone had any luck finding an app for that? (oh crap I better not say it like that or Apple will sue me :na: )
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  2. Just thought, have you tried ATI tray tools that has an osd overlay function. does it work with DX11 ? dont know but someone must have a DX11 card and ATI tray tools to try it for you.

  3. Man I must be loosing it. I read somewhere that FRAPS was DX9 and 10. And it was on their site. Maybe it was an old link or something crazy. I thought I had the latest install, but maybe not. I will try again.

    To bad I'm running a 8800GTX right now. My 5870 is going back to Asus because it artifacts and such now with newer games. Whenever it hits 80C it gets some artifacts in game. Ran the OCCT GPU test and gets errors and artifacts after 80C. BLAH. Had no issue running DX9 games at 70C until I started playing BC2 and a little Dirt 2.
  4. i'm not certain but i'm think fraps works, by monitoring when the frame buffer changes images, so i don't think it's really effected by the card dx or manufacture
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