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I have been reading about Cache Memory, What I can find is that L1 is built in the CPU and L2 is not. Whats confusing me is why does CPU specs advertize L2 Cache? Shuldnt they be advertizing L1?
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  1. Long ago, L2 used to be off chip next to the CPU socket. Technology has advanced and these days L1 and L2 are always on the CPU and some even have a shared L3 cache, so now they advertise L2 and L3 cache.
  2. So is there no longer L1 or is it thier and is always the same size?
  3. As hunter says L2 has been on-die since about the Pentium 3 since around 1999, infact the last CPU I can think off the top of my head that was off chip was the Katmai P3.

    Also CPUs still have L1 usually around 32Kb in most cases, which is standard. Only higher end CPUs have L3.
  4. they still have L1, it is just very small, and split in to two parts, data and instructions, so its not a very impressive stat to list. In general L1 is fairly consistent within a given family of processors, all of the Athlon II and Phenom II's have the same 64kB+64kB L1, i dont know the intel size off the top of my head but they are the same through the core i series. L2 and L3 are the only ones that change between models so they are the only ones that get listed these days.
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