Will the HD 5970 work with a 475W psu

Does anyone know for certain if the HD 5970 will fit in the Studio XPS 9000? I know the psu will have to be upgraded but that's not a problem. I plan to do that anyway. I just need to know if it will fit. I know that Dell is selling the new XPS 9000's with the HD 5870 so I was just wondering if the 5970 would fit to.
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  1. As far as I know only hd 5970 will use up to 294w so there will be no room for other components such as Processor,Cooling fans,HDD's etc.So upgrade is a must and if the psu blows it would take other components with it as well.
  2. at least have a 600W certified coolermaster,huntkey

    what resolution do your play games
  3. Agree with king game, 475W PSU is definitely not good enough for the Radeo 5970.

    However, if your planning any crossfire configs, get a much higher PSU.
  4. Only if you wanna see your PC go.... poof!!!
  5. I am glad that you will upgrade your power supply.

    In terms of the video card fitting into the case, the only sure way is to measure the space.
    If you can get inside one of the cases, measure the distance behind the card to see if there is enough for the longer 5970. I think that you will need an inch or more.

    Or search online for the dimensions of the case and look at the back of the case to the back of the drive compartment.
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