Upgraded CPU but now no video to upgrade bios to support this cpu?

I upgraded my AMD Athlon 64 5500+ BE AM2 cpu with an Athlon 2 X3 440 (checked asus website and its supported but only with an upgraded bios) only problem is I cannot upgrade bios as the old cpu fried. Any help would be greatly appreciated , I have tried resetting the cmos and also the vid card. I am guessing the problem is having the old bios that does not support this CPU , is there anyway to update the bios without the cpu?
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  1. nvm got the old cpu to run long enough to flash new bios , using stock heatsink right now and its still running pretty cool. I had taken my system to a repair shop a few months ago while I was out of town and since then I have had problems with cpu , I think the might have ripped out the old cpu without unclamping it first as some of the pins were bent.
  2. Quote:
    You think some of the pins were bent? How did you arrive at that conclusion?

    If that is the case, then you need a new motherboard.

    Why would he need a new motherboard because the processor is damaged?
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