Xp cant see my ntfs partition

hey everybody

so it might wery well be, that this question has been asked before, couldnt find a thread though.
i got an external harddrive with a fat32 and a ntfs partition on it. all my important stuff is on the ntfs.

so. mac's can read the ntfs, xp laptops cant. and right now i need the harddrive to be read of a xp laptop. any suggestions how i can access my data?


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  1. Have you tried using the Windows Disc Manager? See if it shows the partition first, and then we could help you further.
  2. yes, the disc manager sees the partition. it shows it as unknown partition though.
  3. Try to use this command in the DOS window

    Where D is supposed to be the unknown partition.
    You can try and label it using the disc manager but I have my doubts....
    What OS were you able to see that partition in before this?
    Are you sure that it was not using Bit Locker or any other form of encryption?
  4. Probably will have to find a Mac, attach the drive and move the data off via a USB stick to the XP system
  5. i migh have to do that... it wouldnt be an elegant solution though.

    alyoshka, the disk manager doesnt assign a 'drive letter' like f: or whatever. so i cant use that command you suggested.
    and i think i just seen it on any mac i plugged it in. i have it already a while.
    and i dont know about bitlocker or anything like it, so i doubt it :)
  6. Just found this:


    Have no idea how well this works, says you will not lose data. Give it a good read.

    Also Google: "change from ntfs to fat32 without losing data"
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