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I plan on upgrading my mobo/cpu/ram here soon and will upgrade my GPU after a bit, too. In the meantime I'm trying to decide if it would be better to go with integrated graphics or use my older discrete card. I've got a GeForce 7600 GS with 256 MB. Right now I'm really just considering AMD motherboards with either the 3300 or 4290 graphics chipsets and 128 MB sideport memory. Would using my my 7600 be just as good or even better, or would getting integrated graphics on the motherboard be worth it? Keep in mind I will likely pick up a Radeon HD 5770 in a few months.
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  1. Oh, yeah. And currently I'm limited to a 1280x1024 display. Gonna need to upgrade that when I get the new graphics card.
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    Stick with the 7600 for now. Integrated graphics cards are terrible. They are NOT efficient unless they were built with at least 512 dedicated memory. otherwise, it will suck up using your system memory and it's not as fast or efficient.

    I guess it also depends on what you are doing with your computer. If you are mainly playing games, then definitely keep the 7600 until you can upgrade to something more recent, such as the 5770.
  3. For gaming the 7600GS will still be better, although not by that much;,2569-6.html
  4. The 7600GS is only one tier better than the integrated HD3300. At your resolution, you may find the IGP acceptable, and not going through multiple GPU installations may save you some driver hassles later. Try your system with the IGP first. You can always add the GPU if you need just a little better before you get your HD5770.
    Make sure your PSU is up to the job too.
  5. jyjyy, thanks for that link. I had seen it before but forgot where. jtt283, one reason I ask this is so I know whether to get a board with integrated graphics or not. I'm thinking of waiting until the 890x chipset is out using that. Otherwise I'll got for 790x. Seems like a smart way to use some of what I have for now. Thanks for the responses!
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