Nforce 680i grahpics problem pz help

well i built a gaminf pc for christmas but there's no single heading to the monitor and i really dont think it's the gpu someone said to me that the motherboard didn't support the gpu but the gpu is a 9800 GTX+ and it's a nforce motherboard it makes no sense
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  1. Your power supply may be the problem; post it's brand, wattage rating, and 12v amp rating, which is usually on the ps label inside the case.
  2. quad rail power supply 750w psu
  3. you mean from monitor to video card theres none? as in the card has dual-dvi and your monitor is a 15-pin vga connector? as in you need a dvi to vga adaptor?
  4. I think he means no signal from the VGA to the screen.

    ehcool have you plugged in the power connectors for the video card? Some models need them.
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