Fans and lights are on, will not post, no beeps

Hi, I'm kind of new, but I'm doing my best to follow your guide lines on posting. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Step 2. Opening.
My computer has stopped working after installing (and subsequently removing) a new wifi card. Just before it stopped booting I was hearing continuous and long beeps. After reseating the graphics card and removing the wifi card, I get no error code beeps or any video. Upon powering on, now all of the fans in the case sound like they're at full power, the drive light on the case is on, and I have to hold the power button down for a few seconds for the machine to power off.

Step 3. History.
My computer was working just fine yesterday after I installed my new wifi card. I was testing it for a few hours and was unsatisfied with the performance I was getting (avg 2mbs), so I decided to change the slot the card was in. Here is exactly what happened:

When I purchased the card I thought it was a Pcie 2.0 card, so I took it out of the pci slot and tried to fit it in the pcie slot. After trying to fit the card in several ways in three different slots, I realized that the card was infact a pci card. I put the card back into the right slot and prepared to boot up the system. unfortunately, I forgot to turn the PSU off during this process, and I fear that sliding around the pcie slots might have caused some kind of surge.

Step 4. Full Story
After replacing the wificard, I powered on my computer and the PC speaker started emitting a long continuous beep as the system was loading windows. Not knowing what was going on, I turned the computer off and removed the wifi card. I then tried to boot the computer again, and still got long beep as the computer was moving past the post screen. I turned the computer off again, waited a few minutes and then turned it on a third time, which is where we are now.

Upon pressing the power button, the system powers on, but does not post or give me any error messages via the screen or the pc speaker. By powers on, I mean that all of the fans spin at full power, the lights on the mobo turn on, and I can feel the hard drives spin up. I've tried a few different monitors, and they all say no signal. The system will continue to stay on until I force it to shut off by holding the power button down for several seconds.

Step 5. Specs.
I was really proud when I built this system, it's my first build and I researched it for months. Here are the specs
Core i7-920 2.66 Ghz (model no. BX80601920)
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev. 1.0
6Gb (3x2gb) Gskill memory 1600 (model no. F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ)
Xfx Radeon HD 5770 (Model No. HD-577A-ZNFC)
Ocz 600W Psu (Model No. OCZ600MXSP)
Rosewill Case (Model No. CHALLENGER)
2 500gb Green WD hds (reusing)
1 older dell hd (sata) (reusing)
1 way older dell hd (parallel cable) (Reusing)
1 older cd/dvd burner (parallel cable) (Reusing)

Runs Windows 7 64bit professional
Uses the stock cooler.
Here is the wifi card in question. I think I'm going to send it back on monday.
Trend Net (Model no. TEW-623PI)

Step 6. Steps taken

1. Tried clearing the cmos multiple times by pressing the button, holding the button for longer than 10 minutes, and removing the battery for at least 30 minutes. Also tried replacing the battery.

2. Tried booting without any hard drives plugged in.

3. Tried booting with no memory installed to induce beeping from the pc speaker.

4. Tried booting with a different Graphics card, did nothing other than make me realize how loud the fan is on the radeon.

5. Reseated the memory

6. Tried booting with one memory stick in slot one

Other details That might be relevant...
I'm working on a tile floor and was sitting barefoot when working in the case.
I did NOT touch the psu (or ground myself to anything else) that I can think of. I might have, but I honestly can't remember.

When I tried trouble shooting on my own originally, I was working with the 8 pin mobo power connector unplugged. I had to unplug it to get my graphics card out, and forgot to plug it back in.

I purchased everything from newegg in february, so I can't return anything to newegg. However, I have a 3 year warranty (parts and labor) from gigabyte and from intel. Might I be able to send away for a new cpu and mobo? I've never done an RMA before, so I don't know anything about it.

Again, any and all help is greatly appreciated! I do not have any money to replace any of this, so you guys are my last hope! Thank you!
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  1. try another power supply, they can make ur compu power up everything but if voltages no good it wont post. does 5770 need power cable is it hooked up. unplug every thing you dont need trouble shoot that way. make sure the mobo isnt earthing on anything on your case. if you did try and boot with your card in the wrong slot u could have fried the mobo. you shouldnt have all those old hdd drives in there get rid of the pata one and older sata one
  2. The only other psu I have is a stock dell one that only has 301w, i'd have to remove it to use it, which I don't have time for (at least not right now). Is there anything else I should try?
  3. Most likely somehwere is grounded, try removing component in order 1 by 1 with booting in between(Graphic card, EX card, HDD, CD-ram, memory, CPU), if it dosent work, do a shortstart to confirm psu is working, if psu works, remove the motherboard to a foam and assemble the computer there, if still no luck. it is likely that the RAM/CPU/MOBO gone bad, test those component with other computer, if cant, RMA it as those as fast as u can since they will gladly exchange it will a new one with some of ur nice talk in the letter (also check all the conecter is secured)
  4. Oh, I left out that the computer was built 3 months ago and has been working fine until this problem. I don't think it could have shorted out, but I'll check.
  5. Ok, so rather than rebuilding it (i'm fairly certain it's dead), I'm going to get a new one from Gigabyte because it's under the 3 year warranty.

    Can someone explain to me how this form works?

    Do I need to mail it in as soon as I fill out this form, or wait until I hear back from someone? I've never done anything like this before.
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