Need PSU Advice (Corsair vs Seasonic)

I am planning to build a low budget gaming rig, and have decided on most of my components except for the GPU/PSU. I live in the Philippines, and my choices are not as wide, so I've narrowed it down a couple of options below.

The components I'm looking to get:
[CPU] Athlon II x3 435 - will run at stock (though might eventually play with minor OC'ing when i learn how to :ange:)
[Cooler] BOXED - will upgrade eventually
[MB] DFI LanParty DK 790FXB-M2RSH
[Ram] OCZ Gold 2GB Gold series (1 x 2GB stick initially, will get second stick when budget permits)
[HDD] WD Caviar Blue 500GB
[ODD] Any dvdrw I can find :D
[Case] Will reuse an old Antec given by a friend (dunno what model it is... its old but can't beat free).

These are the 3 PSU's available to me at my budget (Sad, can't find antec earthwatts here):
[A] Corsair vx550
Seasonic S12II 500w (worried about 'buzzing' based on newegg reviews)
[C] Zumax 750W (can't find reviews.. a bit suspect being in the same price range)
[D] HEC Cougar 700W

For the GPU I am considering 2x 4850 (vapor x) or maybe an xfx4890, which would be better? Would the power savings from a 5770 justify the price difference (here the price diff between a Sapphire 5770 and the xfx 4890 is only ~$10)

Plan to play at @ 1680 x 1050

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Corasair vx550
  2. Get the Corsair PSU... It is better than the Antec EarthWatts you were wanting.

    Get the ATI 5770 for $10 more... You get DX11 support and better power efficiency. Performance is a little less than the 4890 but the card is overall better.
  3. just upgraded to Corsair power supply there solid =D so yea :P
  4. I vote for the Seasonic, its significantly cheaper than the corsair, just as powerful, and just got a 9.7 at jonnyguru. Its not modular but neither is the 550VX so its comparable.
  5. I would favor the Seasonic 520W Bronze as well. Newer design, a bit more efficient. You can't go wrong either way.
  6. It really depends on the price difference in the Philippines. If the Corsair is cheaper, it is the route to go. If SeaSonic is cheaper, it is the route to go... Either are better than any of the ones the OP listed.
  7. oh wow. i didnt read that you are from phil. same here. corsiar vx550 is at 4350.00

    here is a great site for phil in computers.

    also the 5770 is at 7,999
  8. Thanks for the BLAZING FAST replies (wow, people here are amazing ^_^)

    ^ yeah, that's one of the sites I was looking. I was really looking at just the corsair and seasonic, I decided to list the other psu's in the same price range just incase there might be a 'diamond in the rough'.

    The Seasonic though is not the 520W version - its the 500W 80plus Bronze (Just trying to be clear, I an not knowledgeable enough to know if there are other differences aside from the 20W). Given the 500W Seasonic 80plus Bronze and the vx550 are EXACTLY the same price, which is the better deal? And if I go crossfire down the road (5770 or 4850), will they be able to handle it?
  9. Ev1lryu said:
    Thanks for the BLAZING FAST replies (wow, people here are amazing ^_^)

    you could say that. im still 14 and yet learning all this shiz.

    i dont really know. how bout you aim for 650watts? that would SURELY allow you crossfire 5770's
    seasonic and corsair are both good psu. put corsair if popular i think
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    I will add one thing i like about Corsair Power supplies would be there single 12v rail just a personal preference but it stops you from having to figure out where to connect what which can be extreme pain since you have to split the connectors up on Power Supplies with multiple 12v rails (seen some powersupplys with 4+ rails and there not marked so it can be a guessing game)

    The 2 video cards your asking about there just no way to cross fire them on either power supply Minimal i would even think about using with crossfire would be what AMD recommends which is 600watts

    I would recommend higher then that thought due to other components in the computer around 700watts for some flex room. I was running my computer for almost a year on minimal specs AMD recommended for my Graphics card and will after about a year my power supply died (i got lucky and only lost 4 hard drives could have been much much worse)
  11. There are no rail-balancing issues at this power range, as the rails are configured in a way that won't cause issues.

    However, I think the 550VX is a slightly better PSU than the S12II you are looking at. It was never properly tested as I recall, so at least the Corsair is a safer bet.
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  13. thanks to all who replied! This question getting solved leads me to more questions though.. I'll rethink my whole build and post again later. Thanks!
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