PC wont boot.

My old graphics card recently packed in, the PC would turn on, but the screen just flashed blank on standby. I borrowed a rather rubbish graphics card from work and the PC display worked, so once I saw the bios I turned the PC off and ordered a new graphics card.
I dont use the PC for any extra demanding games so I ordered a Geforce 8800gs.
I've connected the card, and both of the power supply plugs however the screen is still flashing on standby.
I have tried another screen, replacing the card to make sure it is in securely..But I cant work out the problem.

I'm assuming its either my power supply (which says 220-250v) on it, or the vgi connection to my screen but I wouldn't know how to confim this.
Thanks for your time!
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  1. what is your exact PSU model?
  2. FSP250-60HEN
  3. FSP did make good power supply but yours are simply not enough to power up the card. 8800GS a.k.a. 9600GSO need 400w power supply as minimum recommended by nvidia.
  4. geh, cannot edit my comment :(

    btw normally even low-end/enry level card need 300w PSU as minimum recommendation.
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