Can I connect a 1000W PSU to a Surge Suppressor?

I have this surge suppressor:

and connected to it I have a monitor(Samsung P2450H), speakers(logitech 2.1), keyboard(logitech denovo edge), steering wheel(logitech G25), and an external HD(western digital My Book).

Right now the PSU(corsair 1000HX) is connected to the wall. Would it be ok if I connect it to the surge suppressor? Do I need a separate surge suppressor just for the PSU? If so, what would you guys recommend for a really good surge suppressor that can handle a 1000W PSU? I dont want a UPS. Too expensive.

I'm pretty sure the computer(I7 930stock, ASUS P6X58D-E, two DVD drives, one GTX480stock) is not using all 1000 watts right now, but in the future Im planning on adding a second GTX480.

THX in advance.
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  1. It is rated for 1800 watts so you would be fine.
  2. A cheap surge protector isn't going to stop a lightning strike. Whole house protection is the only thing that will really do anything, unless you get into the server class UPS that cost a lot.

    If putting a $20 surge protector makes you feel better, then go ahead, but don't expect it to do much. Also, make sure the ground is good. That will protect you more than anything else. A cheap surge protector can impede/disrupt your ground.

    For what you spent on your system, I would just unplug during storms if you are not willing to spend any money on protection.
  3. don't use it on carpet or near laundry
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