EAH 4870 HD & ATI RADEON 4870?

what's the difference between EAH 4870 HD & ATI RADEON 4870? ( 512 Mb, DDR5)

cause every time i search for EAH in google i get ATI results.......?

are they the same?
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  1. eah4870 looks to be a specific model of 4870 that Asus makes:


    ATI makes the Radeon 4870, but multiple manufacturers actually make and sell the cards based on ATI's reference card.
  2. so its the same performance right?
  3. A 4870 is a 4870, in general. There can be an overclocked version of a card, where the manufacturer overclocked the 4870 and guarantees it at the increased speed, but, in general, a 4870 always performs the same.

    The other key, though, is the memory on the card. You said you saw a 512MB version. That would not perform as well as a 1GB card. Most 4870's are 1Gb cards, not 512MB.
  4. ok man thanks alot !
  5. THE EAH version is cooler, and can OC higher though.

    But it's like 10$ more.
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