PC interface/sw for prosumer tronix test bench


I am pondering the possibilities for a PC-based "all-in-one" analog and digital electronics test instrument suite.

What I want is an affordable "prosumer" PC based electronics test bench.

I am a 50 year old "simple consumer hobbyist" who pines for the days when I soldered my first multimeter kit and started building kits and computers (usually HeathKit).

I want to work with analog audio analysis and with microcontroller kits and also trouble-shoot and test ... stuff.

Ideally, I would like a PCIe interface card and full software suite that can do and display and log just about anything that can be done, for under, say, $400 ? ... Less ? ... Much less?

I would also consider USB based solutions and Digital Multimeters that have computer interface ports and software.

Just trying to find some good sources, suppliers, forums and "kit houses" that really cater to the "budget-limited tronix nerd".

Is there anything like HeathKit/Zenith any more? I know there are some pretty cool microcontroller kit sites ... Don't know which are now the best sites for me.

Please help, so I can go and goof off somewhere else !

= Alvin =
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  1. Probably the best electronics hobbyist magazine around is EPE - Everyday Practical Electronics. Unfortunately, it is a British magazine.

    The magazine is available online.
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