Dropped hard drive, still spins, but no data.

My external hard drive was accidentally dropped and now I cannot access my files. The drive still spins when plugged in, the indicator light goes on, Windows recognizes that there is a drive connected, but when I go to My Computer, I only see a Local Disk (F) and not the name of my hard drive, when I open F:, I only get a blank. The files properties for this drive are both 0 bytes for used and free space. Any chance I can still get some, if not all, of my files? I have a few documents there that unfortunately were not backed up.
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  1. Try a free data recovery software from the web, many there if you google but I have never used one so can not point at a specific one.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Try a free data recovery software from the web, many there if you google but I have never used one so can not point at a specific one.

    I tried EasyRecovery Professional, but the weird thing is, even though Windows recognizes that there is a drive connected (although the drive's blank with 0 bytes), the program only recognizes my PC's main hard drive and F: is nowhere in the list of drives.
  3. Does windows recognize the full volume of the drive, that is all as free space?
  4. I'm afraid not. Windows only lists the drive as just Local Drive, nothing else. No file system, total size, nor free space. Just local drive.
  5. if the unit is out warranty you can try and remove the hard drive from the case. you could have broken the controller board inside or pop the data cable on the drive. i had wd ext go bad..the drive still going strong in new case but something died on the old one.
  6. If it does not show any space then warranty repair is your best option.
  7. Will the drive require a major repair? And I don't know how much I will be charged for this. Do you guys have a guesstimate? The drive in question is a 1 TB WD MyPassport.
  8. The question is whether it is under warranty or not, they normally just replace them.
  9. The drive was bought last year in June, but it was from another country. I don't know if the warranty will still apply.
  10. Out of curiosity I hooked up the drive in my Dane-Elec Home Media Player (the model is "So Speaky PVR") and to my surprise it was able read the drive! I was even able to play a video file. So...does it still have a chance?

    EDIT: After posting this, I tried to do it again with the media player and now it won't recognize the drive. :( I tried to plug it in back to the PC, and the same problem happens, just Local Drive F.

    Just another bit of info. Even though Windows is listing Local Drive F in My Computer, it doesn't show up in Disk Management.
  11. rolli59 said:

    I checked the site, it's still in warranty. But is it possible to have the warranty transferred locally to the country I'm in? It's because the drive's bought from UAE.
  12. I do not know but they are a world wide company so I would think so, call them.
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