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I have a 128gb SSD, and I have room left, but I would like to run some other games that take up a lot of room on my other hard drive. I just got a 250gb HDD and would like to run rift on it without taking up space on the SSD. How would I go about doing this?
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  1. You will have to specify the install path for the game to the HDD when installing the game.
  2. That's it? Now will it run at the speeds of the HDD or the SSD?
  3. The game will run at the speed of the CPU and GPU, load times will come from the drive it is installed on.
  4. Rolli said it correct. :sol:
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    For Rift specifically the installation itself is portable, simply cut and paste your Rift directory to where ever you want it on the spinning drive, and make a short cut to riftpatchlive.exe and move that to your desktop, rename the shortcut to Rift.

    If it is not currently installed and you are downloading the installer from the website it will ask you where you want the game installed during the installation process. Just make sure that is pointing to a directory on your spinning disk. If you install it in the wrong location, remember... it's portable, just follow the instructions above.
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