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I game on a 28" Hanns G at 1920x1200. I am building a i7 930 system and had decided on splurging on a 5970 since I like having just the one card, and its price/performance is reasonable compares to older models in crossfire. However the 5970 is unavailable everywhere. Would I be better of waiting for availability or buying a 5870? I don't know if it is reasonable to expect new stock to come in or if the 5970 should be forgotten.
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  1. You can buy one HD 5870 now and buy another card in the future that you plug in CF if your MB allow it.
  2. Well if you want to have just one card you'll probably just have to wait, as the 480gtx is only comparable in a few titles atm, and fermi doesn't look to become dual gpu unless theirs a die shrink, you might just have to get luck are look at ebay or amazon to look for other sellers, i just looked at ebay and saw an asus 5970 for $740 so only alittle overpriced
  3. If you just want to have one card then go for a Radeon 5870. If you want a little more performance, models with custom PCBs that are overclocked are trickling out such as the MSI lightning.
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