Is it possible to recover data from my hard drive?

It was almost 2 years ago(maybe even more) that I had damaged my hard drive. Perhaps something was wrong with the pcb. I tried to open it a few months back and in the process damaged the platter-it has a few scratches. Can I still recover data from the drive?
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  1. No. Absolutely no.

    It is difficult to recover data from a drive with a faulty PCB, although you are not sure that really was its problem. However, it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to recover anything from a HDD that has been opened and touched. That case of the HDD with platters inside is sealed for a very good reason. It CANNOT have any dust inside - even invisibly small dust - or it will damage itself when you try to use it. Even worse in your case, the platter has visible scratches on it now - makes it impossible for it to be used.
  2. not likely... youy may think of sending to a data recovery specialist for major $$$$
  3. If you have really important files that you must retrieve I'd take it to a data recovery specialist as anonymous1 mentioned.
  4. You could firstly try a free recovery program, which has helped me restoring my important files from a corrupted drive.
    If this freeware still cannot fix your problem, your drive must be terribly damaged. You’d better take it to a specialist or special recovery company.
  5. I lost all my data from western digital hard drive, but one of my suggested me a tool that really works, Data Recovery is Quickly recover Deleted Files tool which assist me to recover data from western digital hard drive . This software will guaranteed help you to recover data from your western digital hard drive.
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