Ati 5870 hihg temperature? card installed wrong?plz help (

Is this installation ok? There is no space between "two red holes in the end of 3d card". Idle temperature is 45c! In furmark stability test it was 90c when i turned program off. Plz help and sorry my bad english )
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  1. You should tidy your case, it's the shambles ^^

    45° in iddle it's normal
    90° with furmark it's normal

    Run any game and your temps will be normaly around 60° or 70°
  2. do some cable mannagement, get an intake fan, solved =)
  3. From all the noise over the GTX 480 hitting 96c you might think its not normal for the flagship video cards from AMD or Nvidia. It is.
  4. Hi!Problem was in ambient temp. It was 27c ). Now its 20-21c and idle temp 37-38c )))...In game temp 60-70. Ty 2 everyone who answered!
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