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I am currently builind a 1366 motherboard and would like to have Sata 3.0 and USB 3.0.

I plan on crossfiring two 5770s and am trying to figure out the best motherboard that would fit this that would not lessen the ability to use the graphic cards or the Sata 3.0/USB 3.0.
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  1. Not really working on a set budget. Just trying to find the best parts available then trying to find great deals on those parts.
    So far ive gotten the power supply, i7-930, and two 5770 for around $350. So I am just trying to decide which items I should be keeping an eye on to get next.
  2. Would the non-premium Asus board make the cut also? And do any these boards have problems with the pathways interfering with crossfire?
  3. The ASUS P6X58D-E would make the cut, as well.

    ASUS's don't have any pathways interfering with the Crossfire setup. From what I can tell, the Gigabyte board doesn't have any issues either.
  4. Unless you're water cooling, I would look at P6X58D-E rather than P6X58D Premium. Save yourself $60-70.
  5. why get two 5770s when you can get one 5850 or 5870 and have the ability to crossfire in the future. you should never crossfire at the begining of a set up. you end up spending more money. buying two 5770s then two more 5850s or 5870s or you can't aford it and end up playing games on the lowest settings. so for now buy one good card.
  6. Because I got the two 5770s for $130?
  7. Like I said, I am looking for high quality parts then looking for good deals on awesome parts that would fit in this build. Might take a bit longer but I will have fun doing it.

    Oh and thanks! :kaola:
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