Can't use both ATI and NVDIA Video Cards?

I just setup a ASUS P6T motherboard with i7 930 processor and the only way I can get it to start is either remove my ATI Radeon HD 5770 or my two NVIDIA 8500 GTs. Is there no way I can run the computer with all video cards in as I want to run with the 5770 primary but play with the 8500's GPGPU capability.
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  1. Hmm, once I started windows with the ATI card and then with the NVIDIA cards (the other card(s) was out at the time) I was then able to start with the ATI and one NVIDIA. Wonder if its related to dual SLI...
  2. So lemmie get this straight. Your computer has 3 video cards, 1 is a radeon 5770 and the other 2 are SLI 8500 GTs?

    If thats the case, sell the GTs and just use the 5770 as it significantly outperforms the dual 8500 GTs.

    Problem solved.
  3. lol @ using the powerful card as display card and using dual integrated level cards for gaming
  4. I've never heard of being able to use separate Video Cards( other than sli or Xfire). I would think it is set in bios which card is to be used if more than one is present. Kinda like sound cards.
  5. Can't find any BIOS settings for which cards are primary. Tossing out the 8500s isn't an option as I have not heard of ATI cards supporting GPGPU yet and I don't think you can operate graphics will running GPGPU anyway...
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