BSOD when entering Win 7 with over 2 GB of RAM

I am at my wit's end, I don't know what the deal is. I just finished building a killer PC running i7 980x on an Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard with GTX 470 graphics card, Intel 160 GB SSD, Corsair 850 TX power supply. The RAM is 6x2=12 GB of the Corsair 1333 MHz 9-9-9-24. I am running Win7 64 bit.

POST is fine and the BIOS looks good.

I have had nothing but trouble whenever I use more than one stick of RAM. I couldn't install Win 7 at 12 GB, getting hung up and BSOD, so I was able to install only with one stick of 2 GB. Same thing now - if I boot with 4 GB or more, it's BSOD. With 2 GB, I can work like normal.

I ran memtest on each stick individually and on all 12 sticks, and there were no errors after multiple passes. Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool also went fine.

What is going on???? Anybody have any idea?

Thanks. :confused:
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  1. HOW many sticks of RAM in that mobo ?
  2. corsair and asus never seem to get along - set everything ram wise manually, give it 1.65v for ram too and see how it goes

    and thats 6x2gb right? Tri-channel etc
  3. We have a standard TS document that will absolutely solve or isolate your problem.

    Some folks get mad when I post this, but it TOTALLY WORKS and provides a much more efficient and methodical procedure than just haphazrdly yammering with various techs of various abilities ... that can take weeks of stabbing around with no real progress ...

    ... Heed this document ... it is not "busy work" ... it does work ... if you heed all.

    ... And, of course, we are right here, if you need clarification or insight.


    PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems!

    "System won't boot" and "no video output" checklist

    This checklist is a compilation of troubleshooting ideas from many forum members. It's very important to actually perform every step in the checklist if you want to effectively troubleshoot your problem.


    = Alvin =
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm using DDR3, sticks of 2 GB in all six of the board's slots. The board can take 6x4 but I'm only using 6x2.

    In case I wasn't clear, the system is booting/posting just fine and working brilliantly with 6 GB of RAM or less... I just can't get 12 GB to run. There's something going on between the mother board, the RAM, and Windows 7's memory configuration. The file you posted Alvin doesn't really apply in this situation given that things are fine with 6 GB of RAM.

    Last night I updated the mobo BIOS to a "beta" version which purportedly improves memory compatibility. That allowed me to run 6 GB, not just 2 GB, with perfect stability. This tells me it's a configuration issue, not defective hardware, because as mentioned memtest is just fine with all 6 sticks, together or tested individually in sequence.

    I've since changed all the RAM settings back to "Auto", and CPU-Z shows all the sticks running exactly at manufacturer specs anyway.

    Right now Win 7 sees 6 GB of RAM with all 6 GB available.

    But if I go from 6 GB to 12 GB, I get BSOD either on entering Windows 7 or shortly thereafter.

    Given the improvement from the BIOS flash, I'm thinking there's a BIOS problem, but if anybody has suggested tweaks for either RAM timings or Windows, I'm all ears...

    Apache, even though it's rated at 1.50v, 1333 MHz, 9-9-9-24, and there's no difference between running at manual settings versus "auto" in BIOS, are you suggesting I try 1.65v? I'm a little wary of frying the sticks, but if it makes sense I'd try it I suppose...

    Thanks again.
  5. OH! ...

    Yes ... Increase to ~1.55~1.56V ... increase in smallish increments. Will add stability and it is very typical to do that, when running all slots.

    You should *also* cross-post this thread, over on the OC forum ... huh? Those folks know all about RAM stability and appropriate (safe) voltages.

    = Al =
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