Want to wipe clean my Maxtor external hard drive


Have a Maxtor One Touch III 320 GB Capacity external hard drive.

It is pretty much filled up with files from an older computer that crashed and no longer need any of the files. How do I - or can I - clean out these old files and start from scratch?

I'm now running an HP with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit -- 1.5 T [Quad Four] Hard Drive

Would like to use the Maxtor as 'back-up' for this new computer :sweat:

Back to original problem -- please help.

Thank you, in advance.

rs-ratpack :??:

PS: "real beginner" at computers and related stuff :pt1cable:
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  1. Format the drive by right clicking on it in Start menu->Computer, then select "Format..." from the popup menu. You'll get a window where you can select a couple things. You can leave everything on the default values (NTFS, 4096 byte). Select "Quick Format". Then press Start.

    Make sure you select the right drive!!!
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