Memory to Asus Rampage III Gene

Can i buy 2(fill all 6 dimm-slots) a-data 6gb (3x2gb), and use them with a asus rampage III Gene Motherboard? Can anyone tell me what the following means?
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  1. Well bump.
    What does the SS/DS mean?
    What does the different dimm socket things mean? :S
  2. SS/DS is single sided or double sided ram (ram on both sides of the circuit board)

    From the DIMM part I can gather that they confirmed that ADATA RAM to work with 1 stick, 2 sticks and 4 sticks (which is strange) so I dont know if I am reading that right. I think you should be all set buying 2 sets of the same RAM.

    just a FYI bumping threads is against the forum rules and I have seen them deleted.
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