Screen goes black every time I install catalyst control center

So I recently built my first computer with a sapphire radeon 5770.
every time I install the catalyst control center either off of the disc they gave me or a newer version off of their website my screen just goes black and I end up having to reinstall the whole operating system.
I was able to go into my to my windows profile while in safe mode but not in regular.

any idea what the problem is?

just in case here's my setup...
asus p7p55d motherboard,
core i5-750,
4 gb corsair ram,
sapphire radeon 5770,
corsair tx750w
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  1. Are you using the 10.3 version of the driver?
  2. I already said..
    I installed the driver version 8.681 from the disc, the screen went black.
    Then I installed the latest version (10.3) from the amd website, again the screen said no signal.
  3. Excuse me....I don't have the disk that came with your card, so I couldn't guess what driver you had installed.

    Good luck
  4. what does that even matter? considering the fact that neither an old or new driver worked, I doubt the driver has anything to do with it. srry I had to clarify that for you
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