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Hey guys,

My athlon x4 630 is oced to 3.6 ghz at 1.42 v with a hyper 212 plus.

My mobo is Asus m4a785td-v evo.

When I read the temps in Speedfan, my core temp is 30 C idle, while my CPU temp is 35 C idle. Ambient temp is 16 C.

When I use Everest Ultimate Edition, my cores are 30 C idle; however, there is no CPU temp reading on the page. There's only an AUX reading (I'm guessing this is CPU) which is the same as my Speedfan cpu temp reading.

From my understanding, core temp is supposed to be higher than cpu temp.

So which temp should I base my overclock off of? The core temp or the cpu temp?
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  1. try HWmonitor.

    When in doubt, work off of the highest temperature. You haven't supplied your load temps, but so far they seem fine. Although, 16*C is pretty damn cold for ambient...
  2. I personally go off core temp, and I've seen no proof core temp is always higher than cpu temp. Actually right now on my Phenom 9850 cpu temp is reported as 47C and core temp 41C. I'm using HWmonitor to get my results.
  3. Before I unlocked the extra cores (and therefore cannot read core temp anymore) my 550BE core temps where 7C cooler than the CPU temp and 10C cooler under full load (Prime 95).
  4. CPU temp is your processor's temp. Not sure about core temp but I assume it is the temp given by the sensor near the CPU. I deduced this by comparing the readings of HWMonitor and SpeedFan. I'm also using HWMonitor to get my temps and to avoid confusion. Difference in temps is normal as every component is cooled differently from the other.
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