Which card is best for me?

Which is the best card among these three?
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  1. 5670 supports DX11 and bit-streaming audio, etc. The 512MB of GDDR5 will not hurt you as the cards are not really fast enough for you to really notice the difference.
  2. Actually, the big question is what will you be using the card primarily for? Light Gaming or Decoding (Video/Audio)?

  3. the 9800Gt will give you the best gaming performance but lacks DX 11, not that I would play a game at DX 11 settings with the 5670 anyways
  4. The 9800GT will only give better performance than the HD5670 if it is one of the older cards with the power connector. And there's nothing wrong with the HD5670 for DX11 at the appropriate resolution. In some games DX11 improves performance and in others the performance hit is negligible.
    That said I would get this in the price range you are looking at;
  5. Hmmm...Care to consider putting HD5770 into your options?
  6. Will be using it primarily for gaming: fifa, gta4, assassins creed, godfather2 etc etc
    Want a card that is going to last a while (18 months would be great) and be able to play the newer games as well on medium settings if need be.
    Have a viewsonic VA902 lcd with native res 1280x1024
  7. Which version of the 9800GT is it that you are looking at?
    If it has a power connector then it is roughly 10% better than the HD5670 but the HD5670 will give you DX11 and use significantly less power. If is one of the 9800GTs without a power connector then it is underclocked and loses the performance advantage.
    I would forget about the GT 240.
  8. +1 to the 4850 as well as the 5770 (512mb version is only $120: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131328 )
    You could get this version of the 5670 as well:
    1gb RAM and its on a really nice deal right now.
  9. the 4670 can not use 1GB of ram, why do people fall for this marketing gimmick?
  10. My bad- I thought that was a 5670 not a 4670, so I was thinking at $70 that the cheapest one out there, so who gives a crap if it can use 1gb if its cheaper than the 512mb version. Apologies for misreading the model of the card.
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