Which connection is best for PC resolution

Which connection is best to connect a HDTV to a PC
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  1. hdmi because it caries sound as well as video
  2. it depends on your Graphics card and your HDTV, as well as what you are doing with it. Visually, DVI and HDMI should be pretty much exactly the same, and HDMI will carry audio only if your particular GPU supports that. One of those 2 will be your best bet though, unless you have Display Port, which will also be about the same.
  3. Concur with flyinfinni.
    On additional cavet - Computer display HDTV on HDMI may (keyword may) not be as good as DVI input.
    Case inpoint with a Samsung P2770HD Monitor/HDTV, I have 2 computers (1) E6400 w/ATI 4870 connected to DVI and a I5-750 w/ATI 5770 connected to HDMI (that is WAS Connected).
    The HDMI boot screen and windows was very poor compared to the 1st computer (DVI). Note Bluray playback (computer) and graphics (ie game) were identical in quality. Swapped inputs and that also swapped with computer displayed poorly.

    Bottom line, if using for computer work, ie internet/email/general computer viewing, you will need to try both and pick the best for your intended usage.
  4. Thats odd RetiredChief- I don't understand why the display would look different on HDMI vs. DVI, unless you have a really crappy HDMI cable or something... Both are digital outputs and should perform similarly, as far as I know.
  5. I have my bad experience with HDMI connection for my LG LCD TV 32" 1920x1080.
    When I use HDMI cable, the display is horrible as if the pixels are being lighted very intensly in contrast with each other and there is no anti aliasing at all.

    I though the problem is on my ECS GF8200A onboard graphics with the HDMI connector but now I am using an HD4890 via a DVI port with DVI to HDMI converter and the display to my TV is the same.

    Using D-Sub cable via the RGB input, the display is excellent.

    I do not have any other full HD monitor to test if its the problem or another HDMI cable but I guess which one is good depends on the particular monitor and cable.
  6. Flyinfinni
    It's the Monitor/HDTV, I think. As Video playback looks great and the HDMI cable is a "good One", but will try swapping it out. The boot screen looks terrible and that is not normally a strain on HDMI cable.
  7. that sounds plausible. Still seems odd that HDMI would have problems. Digital signals should behave pretty much the same. lol
  8. RetiredChief said:
    It's the Monitor/HDTV, I think. As Video playback looks great and the HDMI cable is a "good One", but will try swapping it out. The boot screen looks terrible and that is not normally a strain on HDMI cable.

    driver issue perhaps, windows is running default vga drivers for the boot screen, that is why you could only use 256 color images when you changed boot screens in xp. Unless I'm mistaken when the screen flicks right after the boot screen it is the video drivers loading
  9. I have found that if you use HDMI from computer to tv the tv thinks its a normal video stream and 'overscans' it as it does with say a freeview signal, so it doesnt look as sharp as it can do, if the tv supports a per pixel display mode this may help, on my samsung its called just scan I think.
  10. 505090
    Dought it is a driver issue. As you stated the bios screen uses default drivers.
    The output signal should be the same for HDMI and DVI and this is why I feel it is the Monitor and the way it is setup to decode the signal.

    2nd reason I think it is the monitor.
    Should Have mentioned, my to computers were orginally on a Samsung 240HD 24 Inch monitor/HDTV (1920 x 1200) which DID NOT have this problem. It was after I replaced it with the Samsung P2770HD Monitor/HDTV (1920 x 1080)
  11. Yup- that points to monitor. You still have another monitor to hook back up and try? Might be worth it just to verify nothing has changed with the computer side of things.
  12. I think I should have gotten the Samsung T260HD (really a 25.5" screen but higher resolution). instead of the larger 27In P2770HD. The T260HD also has more input connections.
  13. May have been a better choice, but hindsight is always higher resolution:-) Whatever the case though- have you gotten it figured out? Can you either RMA or get warranty work done of the display still?
  14. Flyinfinni
    Don't really think it is a malfunction, but more a design flaw (Therefore no RMA). Probably could be fixed with a firmware update, But I dought they will do that. Once I relocate the 2nd computer - problem solved as the P2770HD will only have the one computer attached. More people have the computer tied to multiple monitors than visa versa.
  15. Ahh- very good then :-) Good luck.
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