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my computer crashed it said the windowsroot/system32/ntokrun.exe file was missing or corrupt. System restore (non-destructive) was run, it said it was saving files. The comuter still did not reboot diagnositics was run and HD521-2W & 535-2W failed. I took it to a computer repair place this morning and was told files were erased (I was not all that impressed with his computer knowledge) Is there any way to get my files back? Its going to cost me 1000's of dollars if I don't. Any help appreciated!
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  1. It is a hard disk hardware failure problem.

    Remove your failing HDD and put in a new one and reinstall Window on the new HDD.

    Connect your failing HDD and access it and see if you can pull the files you need out before it fail again.

    If it doesn't work then you need data recovery service.

    Not the lame data recovery program which spammers on this forum post. But actually a data recovery service where the technical physically open the HDD, take the platter out and scavenge whatever data that is left on the HDD.

    Of course if you have a backup copy, all of this wouldn't be necessary. I suggest you always have a backup on a different HDD in the future.
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