Low FPS on my ati 5850?

cpu: amd 550 unlocked to quad @3.62
ram: ocz ddr2 reaper 4gig
hard drive: 320 seatgate
board: gigabyte 790x
V card: gigabyte 5850

theres a few things i noticed while i play a few games, in left for dead 2, i get liek 30 fps, and crysis i get 20, but it drops down to 5 when u get to the first place where u have to blow up the jammer and u the binox.

i figure my card is bottle necked, but to fall all the way down to 5fps?!

im using windows 7 64 bit
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  1. install newest graphics card drivers using driversweeper too, it cleans everything that your old drivers maybe has left even if you uninstall it.
  2. fresh and i mean fresh install of windows, still has the fresh OS smell. i installed the latest drivers (10.3)
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