Amd athlon 64 x2 5000 always restarting

Is there any design related issue with regards, AMD athlon 64x2 5000 because my cpu always restarting,when i touch the heatsink of the processor its very hot, what do youthink is the problem of my processor?
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    Overheating? How hot? Download and run HWmonitor. Give us your idle temperatures. Then load the CPU by running Prime95 and report those temperatures. The temperatures you need to pay attention to are the "core" temperatures. You should have two and they are identical or very close.

    If it is overheating, you will want to check the following:
    -remove dust from your system. Use compressed air to blow.
    -check your case cooling. how many fans do you have? how many in how many out? is it enough to cool your components?
    -reseat the Heatsink. apply new thermal compound.
  2. No, the Athlon X2 5000 doesn't have design flaws, or the entire Athlon X2 line would have. AMD was selling those things for 3+ years. lol

    I'm with Enzo Matrix on this one, it sounds like your computer is restarting because the cpu is over heating. He already gave great advice too, I'd suggest following it.
  3. ok tanx for the info. i'll check again my cpu.
  4. it ranges around 80C - 90C
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