Power Supply Emergency

Hello I really need some help.

So I was building my wifes new computer and I got all down to powering it up and when I did the power supply blew up with that nice pretty blue flame that they like to do. So I am sending it back RMA to new egg but I have a question for the community.
The Power supply I am sending back is a OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W ATX12V V2.2.

Should I go to best buy and get this


so I can get her PC up and running. And then just use OCZ power supply when I build my PC later this year.

Her system will consist of:
AMD Athlon II 635
GA-880 Motherboard
500gb sata hard drive
320gb pata hard drive
4gb RAM
DVD Burner

I really have no intention of adding a video card but I wanted to keep this an option.

Also for me I do plan on doing a
Phenom II X4 945
GA-880 Motherboard
500gb sata hard drive
4gb RAM
DVD Burner
And a video card like a Radeon HD 5770

do you think the 500w supply will be enough for that also do you think the 430w supply is enough for her computer?
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  1. Your emergency plan should work. I'm not too thrilled about that Thermaltake TR2 - especially at that $50 price tag. That 430 is the maximum output - not the continuous rating. So it's like a good 380-400W PSU. Which is enough for your wife's system.

    That OCZ ModXStream 500 is enough for your X4 945 / 5770 system.
  2. Im starting to think I would be better off just waiting for my RMA especially since it looks like best buy has the 400w Dynex in stock so oh well just sucks cause I had it finally all put together. :cry:
  3. Why not bite the bullet, spend the money, and get a good power supply?

    Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, or similar quality.
  4. So I ended up going into work and we had some power supplies we were using for our development and put it in the PC until the new one comes. I also ordered another when I probably should have just waited for the RMA to come in but thanks everyone for your input I just freaked out at it was like 6 in the mourning oh well.
  5. You did NOT want the Dynex. It is one of the worst PSUs out there. The TR2 sucks pretty bad too, but lightly loaded, it may temporarily serve.
    I agree with jsc though. Having a decent PSU can put a lot of worries to rest. I always get Antec or Seasonic, but Corsair and Enermax are good too. Avoid anything with a little voltage switch on it, and look for 80+ certification.
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