Nvidea driver is causing XP not to load

All of a sudden my video card took a dive on me. I haven't been able to test a different card yet, but I figured I would ask to see if anyone else knew what to do. I have a Nvidea 8800 GTS. XP will boot as long as no Nvidea drivers are installed. This causes XP to load the generic slow driver. When I try to install the Nvidea drivers XP will fail to load and continously reboot. The text at start up in DOS is all garbled up and the graphics/dsiplay have all these horizontal lines through it. Anyone know what could be causing this? memory on the video card went bad?
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  1. Yeah, the card is probably fried. If you are seeing crazy stuff on a DOS screen, it's probably a bad PCB or RAM on the card.

    I've had one that started only showing garbage on DOS screens, but ran fine in games, then one day.. Windows couldn't boot with it, no matter what computer I stuck it in (but would run OK for a while if no drivers were installed).
  2. You could try another power supply but if this does not cure the problem then the card is probably bad.
  3. I want a new card but want to spend aound $100 or so.


    Is this one good? Or should I go with one of the 1 GB cards? I do moderate gaming and my last card 8800 GTS was a little choppy with COD MW 2, but I could play it.
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