Swap sata logic board caviar se? From USB drive?

Hello, I have WD Caviar SE SATA out of a external USB WD MY Book the power supply in the case got screwed up so I took it out and mounted it and connected to an external HDD connector and power supply made for either sata or IDE I connected the standard power connector instead of the one for SATA and I suddenly saw smoke I immediately unplugged the power and since then I unscrewed the PCB board and it's burnt so now I want to either repair the board or try to swap I read on here that's not that simple, also I should mention that the drive while mounted in the USB case had conductive on it any idea if that's for ground or something? Any know if this drive is just like an internal drive or do I need to take something else in consideration?
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  1. That should have read "conductive tape"
  2. Is it a My Book Essential or a My Book Elements. The former is encrypted whereas the latter is not.

    Could we see a photo of the damage? Sometimes there is a zero-cost DIY fix.

    See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/TVS_diode_FAQ.html

    ... and http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/bigcircuitboard_diodes.jpg
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