HD280 Pro with what Sound Card ?

I just purchased a Sennheiser hd280 pro headset for gaming and watching movies in private. Now im looking to upgrade my sound card. My current sound card in an on board realtek.

I'm not an audiophile however I do get annoyed by cracking and popping.
I'm looking for an audio card that will give me the low base like from Fallout 3 or COD MW explosions yet still give me the high pitches like from the flash bangs in Counter Strike.

I have looked at the HT| Omega sound cards including the Claro with the onboard amp. Very nice and very tempting but, if im going to spend that much money id like to be able to use it for awhile and being PCI its a bad gamble since I believe that its already phased out and will be totally gone in a year or so. Also worried about gaming quality.

I like creative how ever I have Vista 64 and soon Win 7 64 bit. I heard alot of bad driver support and after 9 months it starts to crackle and pop. Also being 96khz kinda feels like its out of date. EAX is nice but also believe its going to be gone here soon as well.

Asus I heard lots of good things how ever I wonder about its support in games.

Azutech I heard alot of good things but arnt they based off of the creative chipset ?

I have read this but only once, about another person who was trying to get the best out of his headset. " all you need is a headset amp and your onboard audio will be awesome" I dont believe this is true.

Perhaps im just over complicating a simple matter even. Dont know, thats why im here :)

Finally the real question lol
Which one would be best for gaming and watching movies, yet be on par with my headset ? prefer 100 bucks max
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    I use this card and i believe it offers the best features and quality for the price.
    My AKG's sound nice through it.Couldn't live with ALC889A any longer.
    I haven't heard this card but it reviews very well.
  2. I really like the first one, the AuzenTech Forte even though it is long it sounds like its better. Thanks, I didn't know there was a pcie version of this.
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