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Hi there,

I recently purchased a Gateway computer primarily for gaming but after purchasing I figured out I had been given a raw deal. I feel so ripped off. I could have bought a computer 2x as good for the same price.


The slightly good news is that I only bought it yesterday and the hard drive was faulty. I bought it in to the shop today and they reset the system and said it was fixed so I took it home and the hard disk problem re-occurred. So I took the computer back into the shop and they tried to fix it again but failed. It was the last in the store so they said they would order another one in and replace it. At this time I did not know that I had been ripped off so I agreed and didn't ask for my money back. However, it was friday evening (New Zealand time) and courier doesn't operate on the weekend so it won't have been sent yet at least for a couple of days.

I was wondering if theres any chance I can try to claim my money back. I'm willing to negotiate as much as best as I can to get my money back. I have a strong feeling however that the shop will be very reluctant to give my money back. I was thinking of bringing up the Consumer Guarentees Act if all else fails. This states that;

"The Consumer Guarantees Act says any goods you buy must be of acceptable quality. If a major fault develops then you have the right to reject the goods and be given a replacement or get your money back. The choice is yours.

You can also reject goods if the problem is minor but the retailer must have been given the chance to put things right and has refused or is unable to do so."

Any suggestions? I really, desperately want my money back to invest in a better desktop.
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  1. Is that computer sold elsewhere in New Zealand for a lot less? If not, then you didn't get ripped off. Before invoking the Consumer Guarantees Act, couldn't you simply ask for your money back?
  2. I'll call up tomorrow and ask but I don't think the store is very willing to give money back. I wish I decided to build my own computer because it would be much better quality at a similair price.

    The problem is, the guy who served me has already placed an order in for a new desktop to be sent down. Do you think they'll be willing to cancel this and refund my money?
  3. Well the specs arent too bad on it but the price is outrageous that system shouldn't cost more then $1500 without a monitor a good monitor and speakers and some other goodies could bring it up a little in price but for the money you could have gotten way better of a GPU. The funny thing I noticed about the specs that it says it uses DDR2 which isnt possible since all I7s can only be used with DDR3 so sounds like this place is not the brightest of the bunch or it could be just a typo but either way it is way way too much for that system get your money back.
  4. SAAIELLO, is that $1500 in US or New Zealand currency?
  5. Nz currency
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