Buying some parts, tight budget, $500 for now.

I tried following the post about how to ask for new build advice so, here goes nothing;

Parts needed: New vga, power supply, cpu cooler and MAYBE a new cpu, asking for some tips and help.

My current computer specs:
Motherboard: MSI P6NGM-L

CPU: E5200 2.5ghz 2mb cache 800 MT/s bus speed. (I had it overclocked to 3.33ghz but one day i got a error and it turned back to original settings [2.5ghz] my computer was OFF before i got the error, so it was kinda weird if anyone could tell me what it could be i would appreciate it)

VGA: Crappy one i know, 220gt 1gb DDR3

Ram: 2GB DDR2 >.<

I MIGHT overclock, not sure tho since i havent really had good experience with overclocking :D .. Im basically looking for a fast boot, decent gaming PC. I dont care if its too loud or what ever, i want it to stay cool and not heat up. 23" 1920x1080 resolution monitor.

So, should i get a new quad/c2d cpu with a good fan and overclock it, a good 650watt power supply and a 5770 and another 2gb stick.

I have a pretty tight budget for now so i have no idea what exactly to do, i have many options but people keep on telling me to do so or not. I can most likely sell my things for around $250-$300 so ill have around $900 then to buy a new motherboard,cpu,vga,ram and power supply (i'm keeping my hard drive since its new and its pretty good)

Tips would be useful since im new to building a pc, thanks =)
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    this comes to a total of 470$, i didnt include ram because your mobo only has two slots and your 2 gigs should fare well enough until you sell your parts and get enough money to buy a 2x2gb set
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  3. Thanks a lot, Helped me =)
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