Anyone pleased with their NEW Nvidia card?

The late overdue, overhyped 470 or 480?

Reactions? Surprises?
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  1. The GTX 480 is meh, the GTX 470 is a very good card for the money.

    It is 10% slower than the 5870, a gap that will quickly close with new drivers as every single card release in the history of the GPU has shown, it has an architectural advantage that allows it to beat the 5870 when a decent amount of tessellation is used now, let alone after new drivers, and it costs $70 cheaper as far as we know.

    That is a damn good card.

    Yes it requires a little more power, yes the temps are a little higher, and yes its a little louder (not nearly as loud as many think), but those issues are so overblown in these forums today its insane, especially since they are back-seat issues to the most important, price and performance.

    Read these reviews:

    You will understand if you go into it with an open mind and not a set, stubborn opinion.
  2. No one is pleased with their new cards yet. They haven't been released. Wait till April when they are being sold and people can talk about it.
  3. ^ Good catch, didn't see that in his wording the first time.
  4. Everyone says its not an energy efficient card.
    Well I think its a very energy efficient card.
    You can play games and make popcorn on it as well :)
  5. Somebody will buy it, somebody will be happy with it. That's why nvidia is still here.

    Say everything bad that you can about the GF 400 series, but history has shown that bad products still do sell.

    GF MX 4x0, GF 5x00, ATi 2x00, ATI 3x00 (only when AA is used)
  6. No comments untill those cards are already in the market.
  7. liquidsnake718 said:
    The late overdue, overhyped 470 or 480?

    Reactions? Surprises?

    470 is about 8% slower then the 5870 for about 7% less, so a good buy on that front. Would clearly benifit from an extra shader cluster (16 shaders) though...

    As for the 480, its competitive with the 5970, but at a much lower price ($499 vs around $700), so at the really high end, it makes more sense then the 5970. Its advantages over the 5870 remain to be seen though. Sometimes, it crushes the 5870, sometimes, the 5870 wins. And this goes beyond teh standard game bias, something else is at work. .

    I would also like more DX11 samples, particularlly with Tesselation [which is the future], as that should be the cards greatest strength, so the 400 series probably has a bit more staying power over time...

    Decent. Not RV2000 by any means; not the 5000 series...more like the 9000 series. A good upgrade from anything prior to the series before, but
  8. Thsi you're 8th Fermi thread, or you're 7th Fermi thread?

    And all we're shut down becuase they were all a waste of space.
  9. I guess technically, as others pointed out, the only possible answer is no. Unless you are a reviewer I suppose.
  10. What does this thread accomplish that the stickied Fermi discussion thread doesn't?
  11. He has some condition where he needs to post a new crap Fermi thread every day.
  12. Might the OP be a covert member of the NVidia marketing team?
  13. Nope, They tend to higher intelligent people.
  14. But maybe thats the proof that he's really high intelligence, pretending to be silly.
  15. Well, He's doing a very good job convincing me he's mentally challenged.
  16. Haha, indeed.

    Any publicity is good publicity, so even if we're all slagging Fermi off, its still getting talked about.
  17. Yep, But 10 threads?

    For real?
  18. Best answer
    They'll sell condoms to the pope if they thought they could get away with it.

    So of course they're gonna do anything to sell Fermi ;)
  19. Speaking of the Pope, to sell cards, they'll need to take him hostage.
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