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just reinstalled XP home, and 2 weeks later logged in and received the lsass.exe error. It's a Dell and i cant get any higher that c:\windows to extract anything Ideas? I've been reading that this is related to trojans or malware
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  1. Please post the full error message.
    lsass.exe can be either a legitimate Microsoft file (Local Security Authentication Server)
    or a harmful trojan, depending on where it is located in your folder structure and it's exact spelling.
  2. Turns out that the error was a bad OS from the fall my laptop received. When I ran the windows diagnostics, device 1 (my drive) failed. I researched some other ideas, before ditching the drive as bad, and reinstalled the OS. The PC seems fine now...(The lsass error wasn't particularly descriptive) Thanks for replying though.
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