5770 + E5200 ???

Hey guys, im willing to add some small upgrades to my PC;

I have a E5200 , should i get the Cooler Master Hyper TX2 and Overclock my cpu to 3.7ghz or so. (IF you have any tips on overclocking my cpu with a TX2 would be great, since im not that good at overclocking. How far off do you guys think i could go with it? Is 3.7ghz good?)
Get the 5770 HD 1GB
And a 650watt powersupply.
4GB rams
MSI P6NGM motherboard

Are these specs alright for gaming? Im at 1920x1080 resolution 23" monitor.

Thanks =)
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  1. You probably won't need a 650W powersupply. Check out the Corsair 400W PSU
  2. Get the Hyper 212+ and OC the CPU to 3.6 or better.

    For 1920*1080, depending on the game, you probably want a 5850, assuming you have the budget.

    Also, that MSI board seem to be on a quite an old chipset (pre P35), so don't expect a very high stable OC (ie 4Ghz).


    1. Do you already have the GPU and PSU?
  3. Which games? but for most games on mid levels the 5770 will work fine. And you might be safer with a 500w.
  4. Whats the Hyper 212+? The TX2?
    I dont think i can get the 5850, I'm from Egypt so the things here are WAY more expensive than you think lol. And about my mobo, if i can even get to 3.8 or 4.0 that would be more than what i need lol.

    No not yet, i'm going to buy them pretty soon, this week or something.

    fastx21. Yeah i think im going for the 500w ..

    I play counter strike: source, modern warfare 2, left 4 dead 2 .. etc
  5. Ok, when getting the PSU, make sure it's a quality unit from the likes of Corsair, Antec, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, and Seasonic. And yes, 500W is enough.

    This is the Hyper 212+:
  6. Look listen, I might just buy a Q8300/Q8400, powersupply and 5770. Sell my current vga and cpu. Then in like a week ill buy the OCZ vandetta 2 and overclock the quad. Would have better performance then, what do you think?
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    ^Don't do it. For most games, high clock speed beats more cores. There are exceptions for games like GTAIV, FSX, where the extra cores help. In most cases, the Dual/Tri cores can hit higher clocks than the Quads/Hex.

    My recommendation:

    Keep the E5200. Get a Hyper 212+. Find a cheap (but good) P35 board (ie P35-DS3L,P45-UD3L,etc, for ~$40-50 on Ebay, Craigslist,etc. Then OC the CPU to 3.8-4Ghz (which can be done quite well on the P35/P45s.

    Get a cheap AM2+ board and a new AM3 CPU. Re use the DDR2 RAM. OC the CPU.

    I personally wouldn't buy a new LGA775 CPU due to the simple fact that it's a dead socket and the Q8xxx/Q9xxx are not worth the money, assuming you buy it new.
  8. Hmm, can i talk to you on msn or something. Would save more time and i have a couple of questions >.<
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