Need help formatting hard drive please!

I have a Seagate 1.5 TB portable hard drive and have recently tried to format it. Now I'm not really good with all this tech stuff and I am having problems. The formatting process seems to be stuck in the middle. This is what it looks like on the formatting progress window:

Capacity: 875 GB (Why does it say 875?)

File System: NTFS

Allocation Unit Size: 4096 bytes

Restore Device Defaults

Volume Label: (Left it blank)

Format Options: Quick format and MS-DOS start up disk (Left both unchecked)

Then the progress bar which is seemingly stuck somewhere close to the middle. It hasn't moved for hours now and I'm getting worried. I tried to do a quick format but it says it couldn't be formatted. I need some help
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  1. have you tried using the Seagate tools?
  2. Are you doing anything else while it's formatting? You should leave it turn off any unnecessary programs such anti-virus and other programs. With a 1.5TB drive it takes quite a while to format.
  3. I do have some other programs running yes. I will try again with nothing running but I've already left it alone for 24 hours and it still hasn't made any progress. Is this normal?
  4. It normally shouldn't take that long. But you can do a quick format first. And then try a full format. Don't worry about formatting too many times. It will not degrade and not decrease the life of your hard disk drive.
  5. I've tried to do a quick format but a window pops up saying that it could not complete the format. What should I do?
  6. Okay try this. I suggest deleting the volume on the drive and format it to NTFS again. Go to Start->create and format disk partitions. And right click the drive and you should see the options.
  7. Ok I deleted the volume but now it isn't showing up
  8. Now make a partition or create a simple volume.
  9. Alright. I'm at a new simple volume wizard. should I choose the quick format option?
  10. Alright I chose the quick format option. It worked. I can now access the drive but now it has less memory than it should have. It only has a capacity of 867 GB now. Why is that?
  11. Sorry was watching the NBA playoffs. Now when you go to the create and disk and partition windows. Is there separate partitions? Or is it just one big volume?
  12. I am wondering if there is a hidden partition.
  13. It looks like there are separate ones. Oh who's playing/winning?
  14. it was heat vs celtics, super close game, the series tied at 2-2
  15. Does it have a name? Unallocated space? You can extend the volume to reclaim the space.
  16. Wish I could've seen it.

    Yeah there are...2 unallocated spaces. How do I reclaim them?
  17. Extend the volume or stretch it out to reclaim the space. Go back to Create and disk and partition windows, right click on the drive and extend the volume.
  18. The option to extend the volume isn't accessible to me. It's faded. I can make new simple volumes out of those unallocated spaces though. Will that do anything?
  19. okay tell me what information it says on the Disk. On the left it should say: Disk #, Basic, #GB, Online, On the right the is a dark blue bar, tell me whats under it, such as Drive name:, #GB, NTFS, if it says Healthy (Primary Partition)
  20. Ok nevermind. I tried to do it but it says the operation isn't supported by the disk
  21. Disk# 1, Basic, 1609.41 GB, Online, Tempest (G:), 867.16 GB NTFS, healthy (logical drive)
  22. Okay, you need a partition editor. Windows 7 can't do it.

    Download this program, it's a free partition editor by EaseUS

    Get the Home Edition. Install it and let me know when you run it.

    Also, I noticed it's a Logical drive. It needs to be Primary Partition. Anyways just let me know when you are running easeus
  23. Ok I'm at the screen where it gives me two places to go. A user guide and the main screen
  24. Go to main screen.
  25. Ok. I'm there. It shows me my system drive and the one we're working with as well as a whole bunch of other things
  26. Okay, now right click on your 1.5TB HDD. And choose Convert to Primary. Once you did that, right click again and Resize/Move Partition. Then you are able to (hopefully) extend/expand the drive with your mouse if there is space left and right. Click OK and Apply. Then tell me the results.
  27. Ok. I can't seem to expand the drive. There isn't space. I should say that along with my drive there are 5 other partitions (?) I don't know if this affects anything or not but I just thought you should know.

    It shows up as my drive, Other, Other, Unallocated space, Other, Unallocated space
  28. Should I merge these other things with my drive? They all appear on disk 2 together
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    wow you got a lot of partitions on there lol. Just delete all the "Other." And it should be unallocated after that. Then you will be able to expand it.
  30. Ahhhhhh yes!!! Thank you so much friend!!! It worked! You cannot believe how happy I am right now. Thank you again
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  32. No problem, Glad that it worked out for you :)
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