5450 1GB vs 4530 512 MB mobility radeon

Hi, I've seen some results suggesting that the ati 4530 mobility radeon is actually better than the 5450, although I don't really understand why since the 5450 looks like it has faster specs. Dell offers the option of a 512 MB 4530 Mobility Radeon or a 5450 Mobility Radeon with 1GB on their studio 14 laptops. I was wondering which one would have better performance. Additionally if I get the mobility radeon 5450 I'll have to get 4 GB of system RAM at 1066 MHz instead of 1333 MHz. Does this really matter? And is the 1GB of VRAM much better than the 512 MB of VRAM?

Basically which option is better:
1 GB Mobility Radeon 5450 (with 4GB DDR3 @ 1066MHz)
512 MB Mobility Radeon 4530 (with 4GB DDR3 @ 1333MHz)
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  1. Both cards are very weak and can't make use even 512mb of VRAM, let alone 1GB.

    VRAM is also separate from system RAM, unless it's sharing memory.

    1GB of VRAM will make no different from 512mb in your situation since both cards are very weak. But the 5450 will be better overall due to newer generation.
  2. I'm not looking to do serious gaming, but would like if my system were able to run things like StarCraft 2 and Portal 2 on basic settings.
    I know the RAM is a bit of a separate issue, but due to the Dell Configurations made available do you think it's worth switching to the 5450 at the expense of a decrease in RAM speed?
    Older threads seemed to indicate that the 4530 had some advantages over the 5450. Do you know why this would be or is this unjustified?
  3. Yes, it is worth it.

    The 5450 is a better card than 4530 in terms of performance, dx11, and probably power consumption as well.

    There is barely any difference between 1066MHz and 1333MHz DDR3 RAM in a laptop. The difference between the video cards will be more noticeable.
  4. I just switched my dell studio 14 from the 512 to the 1 gb card! I read the 5450 has a couple watts less power consumption. Hopefully it doesn't run too hot along side my i7-720qm. Thats a solid computer for a 14" chassis.
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