SSD SATA3 6GB shows as 3GB...?


I am new to Tom's Hardware, and I have a question which I am hoping somebody can be kind enough to answer for me. For many years I have been HDD through and through, with never thinking of using or buying an SSD. Well I took the plunge and purchased four of them because they were on offer. I have updated the firmware and patched the SSD with the minor bug fixes. I know the golden rule of SSD is you don't RAID SSD's but I have four of them and I thought that it was better to have them as one RAID instead of splitting them into sections.

SSD 2 Data
SSD 3 Data
SSD 4 Games

The performance is just staggering. Windows 7 Ult x64 installed in 10 minutes... to be exact it was 10:03.6. Windows 7 SP1 installed in just under 15 minutes which was impressive as well. Although, when I installed the MB software... I.e. USB 3.0 drivers, LAN and other drivers software I looked at the AMD RAID interface and it shows as SATA3 3GB instead of SATA3 6GB...? I don't understand why it is showing as 3GB instead of 6GB...? When I tested the performance of the SATA they were dreadful. I shall rephrase that, they were horrendous, I couldn't believe it, the figures were so low I thought there was something wrong with them because of the poor performance.

Read: 278MB
Write: 146MB

I have installed my OS on my HDD and later on today I shall test the SSD without load to see what the results are like because 278MB is such a poor score for 4 SSD in RAID. I am not worried about TRIM to be honest. I read somewhere about leaving you system idle once a week so garbage can run... not sure if this was true. I should have got a larger capacity, but we all learn from out mistakes don't we. Granted it's an expensive mistake but, next time I shall get a higher capacity instead. Windows is to the desktop from pushing the button to the desktop in just under 19 seconds which is pretty impressive.

What lets it down is the read and write speeds, maybe I was using the wrong tools to calculate the speeds. I used AS SSD Benchmark which game me the poor results. I haven't tested them on Bench32 or CrystalDiskMark yest either but will do so today.

Can anybody give me some advise because this is my first SSD experience and I am trying to think of the best way in which to use four SSD. My technical head is saying RAID them as RAID0 and used the whole lot as one, which is what I have done above, and it was fast very fast but the one thing that really got me was the fact it had dropped from SATA3 6GB to 3GB and I cannot account for the reasons why it would have changed from 6GB to 3GB. Either that or the AMD RAID is BS me and giving me false informations.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Sorry about posting again but I wasn't permitted to edit a topic for some reason.


    Today I tested all of the SSD's with various software and they all come back with a slight variance in seed not much of a difference between the four of them but to me these don't add up. the advertised speeds compared with my SSD there isn't any comparison. I personally think that there is something not quite right here... these speeds are well below average. I set the tests to 50MB

    SSD1 Read Write
    Seq: 198.4 153.7
    512K: 183.5 153.5
    4K: 21.20 41.55
    QD3: 143.1 0.096

    SSD2 Read Write
    Seq: 199.9 154.1
    512K: 183.2 143.3
    4K: 21.41 42.80
    QD3: 134.4 0.078

    SSD3 Read Write
    Seq: 199.3 149.8
    512K: 182.8 149.9
    4K: 21.24 41.44
    QD3: 142.1 0.078

    SSD4 Read Write
    Seq: 199.4 153.1
    512K: 182.8 149.9
    4K: 21.24 41.44
    QD3: 142.1 0.011
  2. If you benchmark too many times it will decrease the performance of any SSD. It's recommended you do it at most once a month. Also, You did not list the SSD drives you are using.
  3. List your motherboard model also, and the ports you have the drives connected to.
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