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I am building a new I7 930 gaming system within the next couple weeks.

Ive been looking at buying the 1gb 5850 which I can get for around $300. Sapphire will be coming out with a 2gb version within the next week or two which should cost around $380.

Now my monitor's max res is 1792x1344 roughly and I know the above cards can perform well at twice that resolution, however I will probably upgrade the monitor in the future and would be running res's higher then my current monitor.

Another thing I'm considering is that the GTX 470's are coming out too at around $350 supposedly. We all know from the reviews that they run about 5-10% faster than the 5850s but are a lot hotter and use a ton more power.

Which card do you think I should get? I am building my system to last at least 3 years and eventually I can see myself x-firing with another card. Am I wasting money/time waiting for the 2gb 5850? Should I just get the 5850, or is the GTX 470 the card of the future?
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  1. A 2GB HD5850 would probably be on-par with the GTX470. And you can even overclock the HD5850 to HD5870 levels, easily beating the 470.

    You'd also want a minimum 850Watt for a SLI 470. 750Watt for a CFHD5850 would be good.
  2. GTX470 and HD5850 are more or less have of about the same performance level.
    I think the best way is to wait until the newcomers from nvidia are out on the market and see the price.
    Get the best price. You know what I mean.

    BTW : I am just curious. What is your choice of PSU and mobo?
  3. I have an Antec TP750W PS and Im looking at a GA-X58A-UD3R Mobo.
  4. Your mobo and PSU should good enough for both type of graphic cards.
    Just wait and see the price for both, take the cheaper one.
  5. The HD5850 would definitely be cheaper; ATI has had a history of begin the cheaper brand. It'll probably drop down to MSRP of ~$280.
  6. Which one is more futureproof? Some say the 470 is more futureproof?
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    I think let stop here and see also :

    If this continues, we will end up comparing HD5850 head to head with GTX470, which is already discussed somewhere else.
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