Where do I plug this in!?!?!

I have the MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard and i cant find where to plug in the front panel USB cord and the front panel "Power button" cord. Read the manual and that didn't help. So if someone can just tell me next to what or draw a circle on a picture of the motherboard that would be helpful. Sorry of I put the question in the wrong place.

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  1. Go to page 2-17 of your manual. The first diagram shows the front panel connections. The second diagram is for an external speaker, if you have one on your case.
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    For power button look for the series of pins for reset, hdd light, .. that stuff. Sometimes (most of the time) the board will even label it for you with the polarity.

    Ok usb goes into the slot next to the fourth pci-e 16x connector. It's right next to the black ide connector. I believe there is a usb1 and usb2 labeled there but I'm old (32) so my eyes are going bad on me :).

    And really my eyes are going on me yet the picture is blurry but it might be something near the side facing sata connectors.
  3. There's two under the bottom PCIe 16x (or x16?), black colored....I think the port to the left is floppy drive connector (if I'm not mistaken). Sorry for bad English
  4. Thank you so much guys, i was able to find the slots and it works now.
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