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ATI 5970 2x (4 GPU)

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March 30, 2010 4:39:58 AM

Hello.. I am new to this forum and I need some help from someone with experience :< I recenly build a new gaming rig specs are

i7 975 (3.3 atm still waiting for socket 1366 waterblock then I will oc)
MB: Asus p6t7 WS Supercomputer
PSU: Thermaltake 1200W
Case: Thermaltake Swordm (liquid one)
HDD 2000GB baracuda thing or whatever name (2x)
Sound card is... Xonar HDAV something (my dvi>hdmi goes into the sound card, and then I get hdmi > hdmi for my screen)
Ram is the 2000mhz Dominator Corsair thing... (working at 1800 something for now

Anyway :)  Something is really wrong with my computer.. I installed everything few days ago its all fresh (Windows 7 64 bit) and I can't run half of the games I bought.. like most of the games go into windows mode or whatever its called.
I switched the crossfire bridge, I tried without the other card (just 1 of the card) and disabled crossfire on it (didnt work?) and I still get retarded frames.. like when I start World of warcraft I get 30 frames on the screen, sometimes I get 900-1000 and 300 min in game with all settings up (random areas) which means the cards are 100% working... and I can see that the cards are using like 850W when this thing works.. when it doesnt its like 600 or so anyway maybe I should buy the new Nvidias... sick of this.

ive tried the controler panel thing tabled pc components (uncheck, some guy told me it helps) also -fullscreen , -w "1920x1080" , run maximized , edit all kind of settings or config .ini thing I thinkthe only game that works is bioshock 2 and I have to start it with Directx9

Anyway im about to throw these cards outta the window, I reinstalled and tried every possible driver... its just funny that I used to get 120 min fps and 160 average on Dirt 2, now I get like what? 30 min and 50 tops sigh. I seriously have no idea whats going on and I just hate it that I have to force my other 3 gpus to "get activated" by starting Furmark .. then I can use them in stupid games like left 4 dead 2 I know its overkill but having 230 min fps is better than 100, its kinda smoother for me (or whatever its called)

Anyway.. basically I can't do anything with this computer which is kinda boring because I spent a lot of money on it and ive tried everything and im out of options I have no idea what im gonna do next... btw which drivers should I use? ive tried 9.12 10.2 and 10.3 ( I think I got the 120 minimum fps on dirt with 10.2)

So please share your opinion with me and thanks in advance!

Sorry for my English.

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a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 5:50:56 AM

Did you download and install the ATI Catalyst CrossFireX Application Profiles package?

If not, go to:
Click "Catalyst Drivers" on the left.
Expand "ATI Radeon Video Drivers" in the middle.
Download the top item - it's the CrossFireX Profiles
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March 30, 2010 5:55:40 AM

are u planning to get 3x 30 inch or ur build is a waste
March 30, 2010 1:02:14 PM

I am never gonna do that, eyefinity is stupid (imo) and having more is never a waste.. anyway I really have no idea whats going on with the FPS
March 30, 2010 1:45:22 PM

your running quad Fire and you dont know where your frames are going? Have we not learned anything from 4 GPU setups? :p 

The more cards you add, the less scaling you'll get. 2 seems to be the level field. 3 pushes prob an extra 30-50% sometimes not even, while quad is even less.

You'll have to wait for driver updates, if you want to get the best results. And trust me, some ppl with 4870 X2s had to wait a LONG time. Especially when I had my 9800 GX2 I waited about 8-9 months before they fixed some of the major issues, and now they aren't supported anymore period for the most part.
a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 2:44:19 PM

^ I agree. Quad gpu scaling is far off.

If you plan to get rid of one of your cards let me know. =]
March 30, 2010 2:46:24 PM

Its not that... It was running fine, maybe ive installed something else, no idea.. but I have like 10 benchmarks with shitloads of fps in Dirt 2 like 120-130 minimum and now I get 30.. no idea what I did wrong : < care to share some good 5970 drivers and whatever I need? I am new with computers so kinda bad right now :p 

Maybe I should reinstall Windows 7 and do everything from the beggining...
a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 3:57:17 PM

Have you tried using each card individually? If not, try removing the 2nd card and running the games on just one to see if they perform any better. If not, swap the cards and try it again. Maybe one has gone bad.

With all the editing to command lines and software installations, I'm thinking some setting or file somewhere got screwed up and the format/reinstall idea might not be such a bad one.
a b U Graphics card
March 30, 2010 4:49:49 PM

In my opinion it sounds like a software problem. Just make sure 64 bit is installed and not 32 bit by mistake. Try using different drivers for the gpu's. How much ram is the system itself detecting?
March 30, 2010 7:17:03 PM

6 Gigs RAM 1866 I think (or whatever it was)