Vertex 4 128GB vs Crucial M4 128GB

Getting an SSD for my new build and have narrowed it down to these two. From what I understand the Vertex 4 is the faster of the two, but hasn't been out long enough to see if it's as reliable as the Crucial M4. Price isn't an issue as its only a $5 difference between them.

I'm leaning toward the Vertex 4 with its faster abilities and 5yr warranty (Crucial M4 comes with a 3yr), as well as its better looks (I'm kind of vain like that). Just asking the forum what they think I should get.

Couple questions on the Vertex 4 as well.
Will its destructive firmware updates affect me since I'l be updating a blank drive, and will there be any in the future?

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    The Vertex 4 does not have the Sandforce issue since they use Indelinx/marwell controller. We can only speculate about firm ware upgrades. It is a very promising drive and if we all wait for reliability to be proven we will all end up with out dated hardware.
    I say go for the Vertex4 the 5year warranty is a nice add on.
  2. Indeed, the warranty is surprisingly good and the specifications on the vertex are fast.
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