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I need a monitor bad. As of right now my gaming TV consists of one from the 90's. I know absolutley unacceptable. The only requirements are its gotta be able to be hooked up to my desktop (xfx radeon 5770 card btw) and my xbox 360. i would like to keep it as low cost as possible but I know im not looking at a $150 monitor. please help
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  1. I can only give you some information but not a monitor/TV recommendation if you live outside Germany, because I am not familar with prices outside Germany :
    You can connect all kind of monitors with your graphic cards, you can even connect a TV with HDMI connector to it.
    If you already have an LCD TV or Plasma TV at home, you can use it as monitor without buying a monitor.
    XBOX360 can also be connected to a LCD monitor if you have the right cable (you can buy this), which match your monitor, either HDMI or HD-VGA-AV cable.
    A monitor or TV should do just fine for games.

    If you are living in germany and really want a monitor : try to take a look at those monitors from Hanns G. They produces good quality monitors with fair prices.
  2. You can hook up the xbox with hdmi and the pc with dsub or dvi:

    There are alot of monitors out there, but I would look for one with multiple connections.
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