What is difference between i3 and core 2 duo

what is difference between i3 and core 2 duo?
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  1. core i3 is newer. it is 32 nm meaning it can oc higher, use less energy, and run cooler. they have HT, which means even though they are a dual core, they show up as having 4 threads, and a few other things. basically the i3 is better than most core 2 duos, and definitely cheaper.
  2. yeah, on good air, the i3 can get 4.2 GHz plus easily, where as the core 2 duos might barely be able to go past 3.8 GHz, but it depends on the cpu.
  3. well water you can get anything to that :lol: but good job with those! im a bit more envious of you 1090T though :lol:
  4. hahahahaha, yeah. how do the tri sli 470s go as far as heat? or are they on water too?
  5. hmmmm, thats really good. hows the fps?
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